Yakushusho-no-Yakata, Kanaoka-tei (Residence)

A unique building containing rare historical medicine materials
Here you can find displays focused on the materials used in Toyama’s 300-year-old non-prescription drug industry, including tools used in the manufacture of medicine, around 170 types of unique raw medicine ingredients, and more. The building itself is also impressive; the main building is an early Meiji Period merchant house, and the new area has been beautifully restored using Japanese cypress.
Hours 9:30 - 17:00
Closed Tue, Around the New Year’s Day
Cost Adults: ¥200, Children/Students/People aged 70 and over: Free
Access 5-min walk from Higashi Shinjo Station (approx. 10 min from Toyama Station using the Toyama Chiho Railroad)
20 min by car from Toyama IC

Street view