Yaezuhama Bathing Beach

A popular beach for marine sports and outdoor activities
Yaezuhama Beach is located to the west of the Jinzu River, which runs through the center of Toyama City, and is close to the Yokata Kaihin Park. Apart from bathing, you can also enjoy sea sports such as windsurfing and sailing, or barbeques.
Open period Jul. 1 to late Aug.
Access 10-min walk from “Yokatamachi” bus stop (Chitestu bus bound for Yokata from Toyama Station)
10-min walk from “Yokatamachi” bus stop (take the Portram from Toyama Station North Gate (15 min), get off at “Hasumachi” tram stop and take the “Feeder Bus” (10 min), get off at “Yokatamachi”
40 min by car from Toyama IC