Making your way around Toyama couldn’t be easier. There are a variety of transportation methods for you to choose from, including several trams, buses, rental bicycles, and more. Just hopping on a tram or bicycle itself adds to the experience and enjoyment of your Toyama sightseeing adventure.


Portram (Toyama Light Rail)

A tram service that departs from Toyama Station North Gate and travels to the town of Iwase, a port town that prospered under Kitamaebune (northern-bound ship) trade.

Portram (Toyama Light Rail)

The Portram features a futuristic design. With the white fresh snow of the Tateyama Mountain Range as the design concept, it blends in nicely to the city surrounds. The cars are painted in total of seven different colors, each representing Toyama’s natural blessings and future.

Japan’s first genuine LRT (Light Rail Transit)

Running along a short 7.6-km track, this compact and nimble tram connects Toyama Station to the Iwase coastal area. Services run every 10 minutes during the morning rush hour, every 15 minutes during the day, and every 30 minutes during the early morning/late at night.

During the day, tram attendants ride along in the tram offering assistance to the elderly or handicapped, and also provide sightseeing information. A rare experience in Japan.

Adults: ¥210 / Children: ¥110(6 to 11 years of age) *Children under 6 ride for free

There is also a convenient one-day unlimited-ride ticket available.
【1-Day Transportation Ticket(Portram,Centram,Regular City Tram)】
Adults: ¥650 / Children: ¥330
Agents:Ticket Office in Dentetsu Toyama Station/Toyama Tourist Information Center,etc

Centram (City loop line)

The Centram is a loop line that travels around Toyama Station and the central area of Toyama City in approx. 28 minutes. Featuring leading-edge futuristic designs, the trams come in three different colors: white, silver, and black. All cars feature low floors, making getting on/off easy, and large windows, allowing you to get a great view of the Tateyama Mountain Range, Toyama Castle, etc.

Centram (City loop line)

Japan’s first tram service that stops right beneath a Shinkansen platform

Japan’s first genuine LRT (Light Rail Transit)

While the Centram services the central areas of Toyama City (the city loop line), other trams (City Tram) also feature routes connecting to Toyama University (Daigaku-mae) and the Toyama Chiho Railroad South Toyama Station (Minamitoyama Eki-mae). In addition to the modern design of the Centram, the City Tram features different designs, including the traditional design and one created by the famous Japanese industrial designer, Eiji Mitooka.

Adults: ¥210 / Children: ¥110 (6 to 11 years of age) *Children under 6 ride for free

There is also a convenient one-day unlimited-ride ticket available.
【1-Day Transportation Ticket(Portram,Centram,Regular City Tram)】
Adults: ¥650 / Children: ¥330
Agents:Ticket Office in Dentetsu Toyama Station /Toyama Tourist Information Center,etc

Rental Bicycle (Cyclocity-Toyama)

Rental Bicycle (Cyclocity-Toyama)

With 20 stations dotted around the center of Toyama City, this bike share service offers 24-hour 365 day-a-year access to bicycle transport in the city.

The “Cyclocity” bike sharing system

Bike stations and one-day pass sign-up locations
There are 23 stations and 26 locations where you can sign up.

* The location closest to Toyama Station for sign-up is the Toyama Tourist Information Center in Toyama Staiton ( 8:00 - 20:00)


How to pay for and use the system

Base fee
¥300/24 hours + ¥700 deposit (Your deposit will be returned upon return of the rental card.)
Usage fees

Free for the first 30 minutes
¥200 for between 30 and 60 minutes
After 60 minutes, ¥500 per 30 minutes

* If you return a bike to a station in less than 30 minutes for each use, you will not incur any additional fees.

Example fee calculation: For one 70-minute period of use, the fee will be ¥200 + ¥500.

* The usage time is calculated from when a bike is taken from a station and returned to a station.

How to use the system
  • 1. Complete the sign-up form at one of the locations listed above, and present an identification document, such as your passport.
  • 2. Pay the initial fee of ¥1,000 (¥300 base fee + ¥700deposit) and you will receive a card.
  • 3. Touch the card on the rental station to release a bicycle. (Please note that rental time starts at this point.)
  • 4. Return the bicycle to a rental station. There is no limit on the number of uses.
  • 5. When you’re finished, return the card to the location where you signed-up, and your ¥700 deposit will be returned.



If you enjoy driving, how about visiting the various sightseeing spots within Toyama City and the prefecture by rental car!

Great sightseeing locations can be reached in just one hour’s drive from the city, including the World Heritage Site Gokayama, Himi (famous for its seafood), or the stunning Kurobe Gorge.

Rental car companies nearby Toyama Station


Taxis & Sightseeing Taxis

By using a sightseeing taxi, you can enjoy travelling around Toyama’s best spots with sightseeing information provided by the driver. You can make your own original course, or choose from the recommended courses of each taxi company.

Note regarding taxi use:
Taxis usually cannot be hailed from the street.
Using taxi zones or calling a taxi company is recommended.

Toyama City Taxi Companies

  • 1. Toyama Kotsu TEL: 076-421-1122
  • 2. Shintomi Taxi TEL: 076-421-2121
  • 3. Daiwa Kotsu TEL: 076-421-8181
  • 4. Hokuriku Kogata Kotsu TEL: 076-452-3780
  • 5. Kureha Kotsu TEL: 076-434-9088
  • 6. Jonan Kotsu TEL: 076-491-3738
  • 7. Taiyo Kotsu TEL: 076-407-1733
  • 8. New Taxi TEL: 090-1635-3079
  • 9. Toyama Kojin Taxi Association TEL: 076-423-8877