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Q: What is the climate like in Toyama?


Toyama has four distinctly different seasons that transform from the cool snowy winter to

hot humid summer in a few months. In Spring and Autumn, you could sense changing 

climate of the season by enjoyable weather with a lot of sunny day.

*Click the link below for more details and current weather in Toyama.


Q: Where can I get maps and brochures of Toyama?


Some downloadable files of tourist information in English are available from the website of both Toyama City and Prefecture. If you prefer a printed-version, please stop by the Toyama Tourist Information Center (TTIC) located in Toyama station. Please refer to the links below for more information.

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Q: Where can I book a room in Toyama?


We regret to inform you that we are unable to make accommodation arrangements for visitors. Please refer to the link below for booking your room in Toyama.


Q: Where can I use Wi-Fi?


A free Wi-Fi service called ''Toyama Free Wi-Fi'' is available around Toyama station.

Also, other Wi-Fi signals provided by ''Japan Free Wi-Fi'' can be found at selected locations around the city and Toyama prefecture.

*Click the links below for more details!

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Q: Where can I leave my luggage around Toyama station?


There are 5 coin-operated lockers around the station. A short-term luggage storage is also available. Please go to the link below for more detail!


Q: Where can I rent a bike in Toyama?


A bike sharing system called "Cyclocity" is available in the central area of Toyama City. Please refer to the link below for more information.


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